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The Conscious End-of-Life Training Program includes:

  • Lectures and discussion on key concepts and principles necessary for effective care-giving (includes video presentation and group interaction)
  • Experiential on-site exercises and take-home assignments that help develop deeper self-awareness
    and personal growth
  • On-going guidance relating to qualities and skills that enable one to be present, alert and available to care for the individual needs of the dying person.
  • Monthly facilitated group meetings (also available through conference calls) for support through sharing of experiences, reflections and thoughts

Level 1: modules 1-3 Objectives – These three modules seek to heighten understanding of:

  • What is, and what is not, “end-of-life” (beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors)
  • The dynamics of various types of relationships between caregivers and care-receivers
  • The basics of establishing a supportive environment for the patient
  • How to understand and deal with complex emotions that may arise in end-of-life situations
  • Subtle influences that have a major impact on spiritual awareness
  • The harm caused by caregiver “impatience”
  • How to be energetically quiet

Level 1: modules 4-6 Objectives – These three modules seek to heighten understanding of:

  • Factors contributing to impatience
  • The health hazards of impatience for the caregiver and care receiver
  • States of  mind associated with and leading to impatience that may arise in hospice setting
  • Methods to overcome impatience
  • Kinds of patience within hospice beneficial to arise
  • Health benefits of patience
  • States of mind to gather for patience