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For A Conscious End Of Life  
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The Hospice House provides a place of refuge for Buddhists and others who are at the end of their lives and wish to be in a supportive spiritual environment.

Anyone who maintains a spiritual practice, no matter what religion, understands that end-of-life is an important event. Even though there are many hospice facilities in the west, Buddhist practitioners need a knowledgeable community for support. The individual who is passing away is energetically returning to their source and literally reabsorbed into his or her original being. This process can go on for a significant amount of time before that individual passes away. And during that time the individual needs to have a very different kind of care in order for the process to go smoothly.

Even those new to Buddhism understand the need for a place which is supportive of their desire for quietude and final meditation, which we call the GRAND TRANSITION.




A private room is currently under construction, and should be finished by the end of October 2010. This will provide a comfortable setting within a private home, for a single resident who wishes to spend their final days in a spiritually supportive environment.

Those volunteering at Hospice House benefit from GRAND TRANSITIONS INSTITUTE Conscious End-Of-Life Training Programs. Volunteers will be encouraged to participate in these training programs which enhance end-of-life care-giving skills as well as prepare for our own end of life. The awareness and understanding gained from the teachings allow volunteers to become increasingly capable of providing a high-quality environment for those at end of life..

Support for Buddhist practitioners is emphasized, however, patients of any religious background are most welcome, and will be given the same individual emotional and spiritual support requested.