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Domo Geshe Rinpoche is a Lama in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, where meditation techniques have been refined over more than a thousand years. Rinpoche has taught internationally on how to overcome the mental obstacles of stress, anger, worry, and discouragement so we can reach our highest potential – a heart of authentic compassion and wisdom.

Rinpoche has worked with health professionals from the beginning of her teaching career in 2001, focusing on issues such as authentic compassion and quality of care, how to avoid burnout, and others. She has offered numerous seminars, providing CEUs to nurses and other health professionals, addressing how to overcome anger, stress and other disturbing states of mind in the workplace. Founding Grand Transitions was an extension of her experience with health professionals, the importance the Tibetan tradition places on the time of passing and its detailed practices to be applied at the time of death, as well as Rinpoche's concern that people of all faiths have greater access to places allowing them to pass in peace and with sensitivity to their spiritual needs.

Rinpoche is the Founder and Spiritual Director of White Conch Dharma Center. Please visit their website if you are interested in learning more about her public offerings.